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Location Sound Equipment for Broadcast, Webcasts, Digital Content, Commercials, Town Hall Meetings, Video Productions and Podcast Recording in the NY City, NJ, Philadelphia and Allentown PA areas.

  • Zaxcom Nomad portable digital 12-track Mixer Recorder.
  • Zaxcom RX 200 stereo digital Soundbag To Camera wireless audio links with TRX900 recording stereo transmitter
  • Zoom F8 recorder for backup and time coded transcripts.
  • Zaxcom IFB / Time Code / client monitor systems with variable delay to match any camera lip sync delay seen on client monitors
  • Ultra lightweight scratch track receivers with mounts for DSLR cameras
  • Denecke wireless time code slate.
  • Shure automixers for up to 32 channels of automix.
  • Mackie 16-channel sound mixer consoles.
  • Lectrosonics 400 Series ENG/EFP wireless body packs with Sanken or Shure lavaliers or head-worn mics.
  • Lectrosonics hand mics
  • Sennheiser MKH70 long shotgun mic with high wind cover.
  • Sennheiser MKH8060 shotgun mics for standard use, matched pair
  • vDb 16 foot boom poles
  • Steadicam friendly ultra-thin audio / timecode / power cabling including Hirose, RED, and Arri Alexa power taps
  • JBL EON PA systems for meetings and functions for up to 500 participants.
  • 20 Audio Technica roundtable meeting mics.
  • JK Audio and Gentner analog, digital and cellular telephone bridges.
  • Aphex audio distribution amplifiers.
  • Sabine feedback suppressors.
  • Extensive sound accessories for ENG/EFP and corporate meeting sound
  • Back-ups of every key ENG/EFP sound and corporate project item
  • Telescript teleprompter hardware and software. Multiple 15″ and 6″ screens. Backups of all items.
  • Suburban multi passenger 4 wheel drive equipment vehicle with NY Press plates