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The Value of Experience

My fees for labor and equipment offer exceptional value, considering the production and post-production cost-savings my 5,000+ working-days experience as a sound tech brings to productions. An experienced location Sound Mixer not only captures clean sound but also serves other departments’ objectives, providing overall savings far in excess of a “lower-priced” location sound option.

Location Sound Mixer Rate – Full Day

Generally, my 10 hour rate with an equipment package is around $750. Based on a project’s needs this rate could be higher or lower. Call to discuss your project.

Half Days

I support my family working as a location sound specialist and unfortunately can’t afford to offer a half day rate.

Sound for Corporate Meetings & Town Halls

Focusing solely on sound, I have lower overhead than a full service A/V staging company. This tailored focus results in equally high quality and reliability at a lower cost. Call or text me at 551-804-9790 or email to discuss your project and receive a detailed quote.

Narrative Film Projects

If you’re producing a low-budget film, short or featurette contact me to discuss your schedule and budget for sound. Unfortunately, I can’t extend offers to work on micro or no-budget projects.

Call or text me at 551-804-9790 or email to discuss your project equipment needs and receive a detailed quote.


  • Rates adjustable for timesheet and box rental pay plans.
  • All overtime billed at $90.00 per hour, adjustable for timesheet pay plans.
  • Extra equipment, beyond standard kit, a la carte.
  • Travel time beyond one hour each way, and mileage beyond 75 miles round trip, extra.
  • Call or email to discuss your project and receive an accurate quote